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Why College Explorations?

As an independent college advisor to you and your family, College Explorations can

  • Schedule private one-on-one consultations designed to supplement school-based guidance by providing the individual attention your son or daughter needs to focus on specific elements of the college application process

  • Customize college search strategies by reviewing your child's unique talents and interests and offering an objective assessment of his or her college prospects

  • Provide you with first-hand knowledge of colleges and universities by regularly touring, meeting with admissions staff, and getting to know more schools than the average family could ever possibly visit (Colleges Visited)

  • Develop a plan of action and organize timelines taking into account your family's specific needs, time or financial constraints, and interests

  • Guide you and your child to a greater awareness of the exciting colleges and universities to which s/he may apply and suggest a closer look at some of the lesser known schools where your child will grow both personally and intellectually

  • Develop a list of schools representing a best "fit" for your son or daughter and provide specific guidance on materials and documents necessary to meet application requirements for each

  • Break the application process into manageable steps and then supervise your child's progress through these steps

  • Help your child develop self-advocacy skills by developing a personal resume, overseeing application completion, and coaching interview skills

  • Monitor deadlines and provide reminders to both you and your son or daughter

  • Reduce household stress throughout the application process by providing an additional line of communication that supports both you and your child

  • Keep abreast of changes and trends in college applications by being actively involved in relevant associations and organizations as well as by regularly attending conferences or training sessions (College 411)

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