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They grow up so fast. One minute the stroller is the preferred method of transportation and the next thing you know, you're handing over the keys to the family car. They go from being passive observers of the world to remarkable young adults anxious to take charge of the future.

If the future includes college, you and your children have exciting decisions to make in the months or years to come. Most parents welcome college as a time of enormous growth for their children. They envision an experience that includes intellectual challenges, inspiring professors, and opportunities to make life-long friends, all within the boundaries of a safe and supportive academic environment.

For some parents, college means Division I schools; for others it means the Ivy League. Some parents associate college with the intellectual atmosphere of a liberal arts school; others think of the opportunities afforded by a large university campus or of a technical school with targeted programs in engineering or the sciences.

The challenge is to discover the right fit for the amazing person you've nurtured. Whether you are years or months into college planning, College Explorations offers tools and services to help you and your child transition from the neighborhood high school to the college of his or her dreams. College Explorations breaks the process down into manageable steps guided by an experienced advisor who can answer your questions and respond to your concerns as you and your son or daughter make the important decisions about what to study and where to study it.

Information is key to college planning (College 411). While information may be available through your school's student services or guidance department, increased caseloads and expanding job responsibilities leave school-based counselors with little time for individualized college counseling. College consultants, on the other hand, have the time to tailor the process to the unique talents and interests of the individual student—complementing and not replacing the services already available at school.

As a parent, you may be wondering if you could do all this yourself. Absolutely. The problem is that the learning curve is steep and time is usually short, producing pressure that is difficult to control. Families working with college consultants, however, generally report less stress and seem to enjoy being part of the process without feeling the need to manage it.

You want your son or daughter to explore and ultimately discover the right college. It's never too soon to start the conversation, and College Explorations invites you to begin now.

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