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So you think you're going to scream if one more person asks you where you're going to college. Nosy relatives. Well-meaning neighbors. They all want to know, and they all have advice. Lots of advice.

Maybe you have some ideas. Maybe you have some dreams. But really, you just don't know where you are going to go to college. At least at this point, you're not sure.

There are so many factors to consider. Would I be happiest in a large university with amazing research opportunities? Should I follow my friends to the small liberal arts college with the super-charged intellectual atmosphere? Am I talented enough? Will the coach let me play? Is distance from home important? Does the school my parents picked out for me feel right? Can I get into any of them? And, can we afford it?

The answers to some of these questions may be fairly simple. Others will involve more in the way of self-evaluation and thought to discover the right college. And be aware, there may be more than one college right for you.

Your parents are there to help, but really it's your job to get organized and start the process moving. Don't panic. This is your jouney of exploration and discovery.

And, College Explorations encourages you to begin the journey NOW!


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